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Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is one of the best choices for commercial flooring installations. It is durable, attractive, and customizable. It is also very sanitary since it is seamless flooring. Other types of floors will look good when installed, but they will deteriorate, stain, and need to be replaced with time. Commercial flooring needs to be very durable to withstand heavy traffic, rolling carts, strict cleaning protocols, and heavy objects dropped on it.

Edmonton Commercial Epoxy Flooring offers a high-performance commercial epoxy coating that can be customized to meet the needs of each business facility. We have a wide range of specialized concrete coatings that come in different colors, patterns, and finishes. All are seamless and meet even the strictest requirements for sanitizing and durability.
Epoxy coatings meet high standards for appearance, moisture resistance, slip resistance, chemical damage resistance, and other requirements. These floors are easy to maintain and retain their appearance for years.

Consider Epoxy For Any Commercial Flooring Project

We serve the Edmonton, Alberta area with superior, industrial-grade floor coatings for many public and commercial facilities, including factories, showrooms, schools, hospitals and medical clinics, laboratories, vet clinics, restaurants, car dealerships, shopping centres, and more. One of our trained professionals will work with you to choose a specialized commercial epoxy resin formulation to meet all of your facility’s needs. The flooring solution will be attractive, safe, and durable for years to come. The cost will be affordable and is spread over the product lifetime of 10 to 20 years.
Buildings with challenging size, shape and concrete surface challenges are no problem for seamless poured epoxy floor coatings. We level and repair the concrete before installing the epoxy flooring. Since this flooring is a poured product, it will adjust to any size or shape floor area. Epoxy floor coatings come in different thicknesses and formulations to meet many facility-type needs.

Animal Care Facilities

Facilities such as kennels, vet exam and treatment clinics, animal boarding facilities, and more have a unique set of well-met challenges by epoxy flooring. Since epoxy coatings are poured and have no seams, they are easier to sanitize and maintain. These floors are impervious to scratches and abrasions. Animal accidents will not stain them or cause the material to break down..

Food Service Facilities

wners find they can customize the flooring to enhance their space. A garage epoxy floor remains very versatile thanks to the endless design options, including a range of colors. Some people find they want a floor that looks clean and professional and will allow them to find tiny objects they use as part of their hobby. Others discover they want a high-gloss finish in a bright color to draw attention to the space. Professional installers offer these options and many more. They can incorporate a variety of colors and patterns, including the owner’s favorite sports logo or school mascot. Additional options include designs that look like water, lightning, or colored glass among others.

Retail Spaces

Edmonton Commercial Epoxy Flooring can meet the highest demands for any retail space for wear and durability. It is attractive yet meets the need to withstand heavy loads without deteriorating. These durable, stunning floorings do not need polishing or waxing, which cuts down on maintenance time and expenses. The epoxy can conform to any retail design plan, including color, pattern, or embedded store logos.


Commercial Floor Coatings

Healthcare Facilities

Our commercial epoxy floor coatings are an excellent choice for Edmonton healthcare facilities of all types. Hospitals, clinics, operating rooms, physician’s offices, restrooms, patient rooms, clinics, laboratories, and more benefit from these epoxy floors. 

This floor system is approved by the CFIA for medical facility uses. Epoxy floors are seamless and impervious to cleaning chemicals. They are an excellent choice for facilities that need surfaces that do not harbor pathogens and can be constantly sanitized without deterioration of the material..

Edmonton's Choice For

Public Safety Buildings

We install epoxy floors in multiple types of public buildings, such as correctional facilities, fire stations, maintenance shops, apparatus bays, police stations, schools, and other government buildings open to the public. This industrial-grade epoxy flooring creates slip-resistant, safe flooring that is difficult to damage.

Epoxy Flooring Benefits

We have discovered that epoxy floors with flakes and metallic epoxy can be beautiful and durable. Commercial kitchen and food handling epoxy flooring are easy to clean and meets Canadian hygiene requirements. It has a safe, non-slip surface and is seamless. These epoxy floors withstand gasoline, vehicle traffic, lubricants, corrosive chemicals, and more. They resist heavy traffic in auto body shops, car showrooms, and where forklifts are in continuous use.

Epoxy Floors Meet Strict Hygiene Requirements

In food handling facilities, healthcare facilities, and service industries, cleanliness is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing the floor. Our USDA-approved epoxy flooring is a seamless installation that will not harbor bacteria, dirt, or other pathogens. These epoxy floor installations are easy to clean and sanitize.

Very Low Maintenance

Epoxy floors are not only durable but easy to clean. They save maintenance money by not requiring polishing or waxing. Epoxy flooring is easy to mop and sweep without being damaged by cleaning chemicals or abrasives.

Exceptional Wear and Chemical Resistance

Our epoxy floors look great when they are new and for years to come. Some floors show wear and tear within a short time. All industries and their facilities will benefit from a floor coating that lasts longer and retains its beauty. The experts install Epoxy floors at Edmonton Commercial Epoxy Flooring will withstand heavy loads, traffic, spills, harsh, abrasive chemicals, battery acid, gasoline, oil, and more. This means epoxy floors are a cost-effective, long-lasting solution to flooring needs.

Unlimited Color and Design Possibilities

Designers and architects can choose the color, pattern, and overall design of building floors to enhance their total building design. Building owners can use the assistance of company designers to select the perfect color and design of epoxy flooring to coordinate with their business decor and branding. Floors can make a long-lasting statement with color, effects, and patterns.
The building’s floor colors and design can change from floor to floor or room to room. The lobby can have the company logo featured in the floor. Other rooms can have branded colors in a flake pattern or with striping. The floor pattern can designate different footpaths, work areas, and vehicle traffic areas. Color and pattern choices are almost endless. Each customer pics the base color, flake color, density, and finish or custom pattern to meet their design needs.