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Concrete Coating Services

What can a concrete epoxy coating do for a floor? They protect the floor from damage and stains. This epoxy coating can also change the entire look of the floor and get rid of that basic gray concrete look. With this treatment, your concrete will get a clean and decorative look that is easy to maintain.

Protect Your Concrete

Epoxy concrete design services and coatings are available for residents in and around Edmonton. Installation is available for both commercial and residential customers. Aside from making the concrete flooring look amazing, sealants can help concrete to last longer. Durable, long-lasting resins take untreated concrete and make it stronger. Yes, untreated concrete is very durable, but it can still be damaged.

Decorative Epoxy Flooring

Over time, untreated concrete deteriorates and can get stained. Moisture, chemical exposures, heavy loads, and vehicle traffic can damage untreated concrete. A decorative epoxy concrete coating does double duty, as not only does it look good, it protects the concrete from oil stains, gas spills, changes in temperature, moisture, vehicle traffic, rain, and more. Keep in mind that both private residences and businesses benefit from epoxy flooring in and around the Edmonton area.

Your Driveway

Concrete driveways look old with age. One way to spruce up that old-looking driveway is with a driveway coating. A coating can give the driveway new life, make it slip-resistant, make it look clean, and give it an entirely new look. It can also help protect it from wear, tear, damage, and stains. This makes the drive look good and makes the surface easy to care for.

Increased Property Value

Another benefit of having the driveway coated is that it can raise both the property value of the home and the curb appeal. There are many design options to choose from, including options that make the concrete look like slate, brick, or even pavers. For homeowners that enjoy the look of their gray concrete as it is, there are gray, clear, and neutral coatings available.

Protect Your Driveway

Once again, this service not only makes the driveway look great, it also protects it. A concrete coating can make the driveway look new again, and the coating protects the surface from everyday wear and tear. It also protects the driveway from moisture, gas spills, oil stains, and more.

Patio and Walkways

On top of driveway services, coatings are also available for both patios and walkways. Over time, both of these uses can show wear. It’s very common for patios and walkways to crack, get stained, and discolor. A new exterior floor coating can make a patio or a walkway look new again!

Improved Curb Appeal

Edmonton homeowners can instantly improve a home’s curb appeal with this service and even raise the value of their property. Not only will it look great, but it can also make the patio or walkway slip-resistant. These exterior concrete finishes go above and beyond, and are a great investment for any home.

Custom Designs

For businesses interested in exterior cement sealing, there are professional-looking options available for both patios and walkways. It can be designed to look like pavers, tile, brick, or stunning custom patterns. Speak with a professional to see which option would be the best for the business.

Garage Floor Treatment

Driveways and outdoor spaces aren’t the only areas that this coating is placed. Many people choose to have their garage floors treated with this type of coating. Garage floors must endure a lot, and this coating is great to help protect the floor.

Easier To Clean

Traditional gray garage floors are known for appearing dirty and dusty. A garage with an epoxy coated floor can be easy to clean. As an added bonus, this product can protect the garage floor from oil stains, gas stains, cracks, and more.

Brighten Your Garage With Epoxy

If the floor looks sleek and clean, it’s also more likely that the family will want to spend more time outdoors in and around the garage. The kids can ride their bikes the garage, and it can end up being an outdoor family space. Some people even claim that an epoxy coating on the garage floor transforms it into a showroom for the car.x

Brighten Your Garage With Epoxy

How long can this type of coating last? Experts agree that this coating can last for twenty years or more. There are many colours to choose from, and several different styles. Custom and unique finishing effects are also an option.

Indoor Options

Protective Sealant

People carry out a variety of activities in their garage. They may engage in a hobby in this space, park their car, or do numerous other things. Garage floors encounter a significant amount of water from vehicle and foot traffic, not to mention water spilled when people complete certain activities in the space. The sealer provides a non-slip surface that can be easily cleaned with a broom and mop. As a result, anyone entering the space will be less at risk of having an accident, as they have traction even when wearing wet shoes or walking through a spill.

Brighten Your Garage With Epoxy

No longer does the basement floor need to be dirty, dusty, and boring gray. Coatings are available in an assortment of styles and finishes. They will leave a basement floor looking bright, cheerful, and clean. This type of flooring can also help to transform the space into additional living and family space and make the basement feel like a homey and comfortable room.

Edmonton's Choice For

Epoxy Sealants

Edmonton residents choose to treat their basement floors with this special coating because it protects the floor from stains, wear and tear, and makes the floor slip-resistant. This is a very affordable way to transform floors and give the basement a beautiful makeover. Best of all, these sealants can last for decades.

Still need some convincing that epoxy concrete coatings are a great choice for a basement?

  • Concrete dusting is no longer an issue once epoxy resin have been installed.
  • This type of flooring resists stains and is easy to care for. All that’s needed is a simple sweep and mop. One no longer has to worry about joints, cracks, or seams.
  • The look, style, and color can be completely customized and one of a kind.
  • This type of floor product can increase brightness in the basement by three hundred percent!
  • It can stop mildew in its tracks. It’s a cost-effective way to waterproof the basement and skip the worries of moisture.
Concrete Treatment Services

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