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Epoxy Garage Floor

Many homeowners tire of the dirty concrete floor in their garage but don’t know how to clean it or stop the problem from happening again. However, they discover there is an easy solution to this problem. Installing a garage floor epoxy ensures dust and dirt become a thing of the past, and the flooring surface protects and updates the space. Furthermore, it adds to the visual appeal of the room and can last up to 20 years when properly cared for.

Epoxy flooring adds to the strength of the concrete and offers benefits at a great price. However, turn to the professionals to have this task completed. The benefits obtained from investing in it are maximized when professionals carry out the work. The finished product is flawless and will last for years to come.

Advantages of Garage Floor Epoxy in Edmonton

Your epoxy floor will seal out salt and cover up any imperfections.  There will no longer be a need for vinyl or rubber mats, or continuous washing to protect your concrete.

Brighten Your Garage With Epoxy

An epoxy floor in a garage brightens the area. This space tends to be dark, damp, and gloomy, but that doesn’t mean it must remain this way. The epoxy illuminates the area while making it more functional. The ultra-reflective surface increases the brightness of the space by up to 300 percent. Overhead lighting works much better when this flooring is installed, and owners find they can see more regardless of which task they are carrying out.

Brighten Your Garage With Epoxy

Owners find they can customize the flooring to enhance their space. A garage epoxy floor remains very versatile thanks to the endless design options, including a range of colors. Some people find they want a floor that looks clean and professional and will allow them to find tiny objects they use as part of their hobby. Others discover they want a high-gloss finish in a bright color to draw attention to the space. Professional installers offer these options and many more. They can incorporate a variety of colors and patterns, including the owner’s favorite sports logo or school mascot. Additional options include designs that look like water, lightning, or colored glass among others.

Brighten Your Garage With Epoxy

A person might assume they must spend a fortune to get the look they love. That’s not the case when they select garage epoxy flooring. They don’t need to invest a great deal of money to get the desired surface and a coating that will protect it from damage. The price varies based on the options selected, but finished product will last for an extended period of time. People might attempt to carry out this task on their own using a DIY kit. However, they quickly discover the results aren’t what they expected. Epoxy floor coatings require a carefully prepared foundation for the best results, which is why this task is best left to the pros. The owner finds they save money by going this route, as they get a durable surface with a low lifecycle cost and little in terms of maintenance.

A Safe Surface

People carry out a variety of activities in their garage. They may engage in a hobby in this space, park their car, or do numerous other things. Garage floors encounter a significant amount of water from vehicle and foot traffic, not to mention water spilled when people complete certain activities in the space.

The epoxy coating provides a non-slip surface that can be easily cleaned with a broom and mop. As a result, anyone entering the space will be less at risk of having an accident, as they have traction even when wearing wet shoes or walking through a spill.

A Fresh Look

Many people wouldn’t say their garage was part of their overall decorating scheme when it comes to their residence. However, there is no reason it cannot be a visually appealing space in the home. With the help of epoxy systems, a person finds they can update their space and do so at very little cost. This durable surface resists stains and damage with ease. People find they can use the system on virtually any concrete floor with great results, as long as the surface undergoes proper preparation for the coating. Once the project is complete, the high-gloss shine is gorgeous and seamless. Every person who enters the home will want to spend more time in this area because it is so appealing.

Garage Floor Epoxy Edmonton

The Benefits of an
Epoxy Garage Floor

Men and women love that their new garage floor resists damage and holds up even with heavy wear. Chemicals, auto fluids, heavy loads, and more won’t damage it once the system is installed. Stains become a thing of the past, and cleaning the surface takes little effort on the part of the owner.Concrete floors often have imperfections that mar their appearance. Professionals carefully prep the garage floor before installing the epoxy coating, and this process hides those blemishes. Upon completion of the project, the owner finds they have a floor that is smooth and flawless. However, they didn’t spend a fortune to achieve this goal.

A Quick Installation For A Garage Floor Epoxy Contractor

Epoxy floors take little time to install. In fact, most people find their new floor is complete in only one day. This includes preparing the concrete for the coating. They discover they can use the space again in less time than they may have imagined. In fact, many are ready for use in only a day or two, although experts recommend not driving on the surface for two or three days. This includes those that are customized to the owner’s specifications, and the surface holds up for years to come if they follow the installer’s recommendations.

Find Out More About Garage Floor Coatings

Learn more today about epoxy garage floors, as they may be exactly what you need for your home or business. Most coatings of this type last a minimum of ten years, even when they are used continuously. Some last 20 years or more when properly maintained. Consider the epoxy garage floor as an investment in your property and you’ll see why so many have chosen this option and been satisfied once the project was complete. It will pay for itself again and again.