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Epoxy Edmonton

Garage Flooring Services

Suppose you have a garage, whether it be at home, office. Or somewhere else, you are probably well aware of how unsightly and even ugly the floor can be. But, unfortunately, most garage owners believe it’s just part of having a garage. After all, cars and other machinery leaks, resulting in all kinds of ugly marks on the floor. And everybody knows those are permanent, right? Wrong.

The truth is that unsightly, ugly stains and other marks on a garage floor are not just part of having a garage. And, while it might be true that vehicles and machinery leak all sorts of liquids that stain, those ugly marks don’t need to be permanent. In fact, with Epoxy Flooring Edmonton, you can have a floor that always looks new.

Showroom Beautiful

The last time you went shopping for a car, you probably walked into their showroom. If you did, you probably marvelled at how beautiful the floor was. New cars leak too, don’t they? Of course, they do. The dealer either cleaned the floor every time a vehicle was revealed, or something special about the foundation kept it looking good. The chances are good that it was the latter.

We install concrete floor coatings that are not only durable, beautiful, and stain-resistant, but those coatings will withstand the test of time and the heaviest use. So much of the problem with garage floors is that people consider them very durable. Unfortunately, without applying a sealant, they are not. Instead, they are very porous and soak up virtually anything that gets on them. This is not the case when there is an epoxy coating, a resin that repels anything that gets on it.

Besides repelling anything that happens to get on it, an epoxy coating offers these benefits:

  • Can be installed with exceptional designs and colours
  • Are resistant to most common forms of damage
  • Won’t stain or deteriorate from chemicals
  • Epoxy coatings are nontoxic
  • They are heat resistant
  • Garage Floor coatings are resistant to moisture
  • Mildew and mould can’t live on epoxy coatings.

Metallic Epoxy Floor Coating

We can almost guarantee that when the first guest you have to your garage steps on the new epoxy floor, the initial reaction will probably be, “Wow.” This is especially true when the coating includes metallic colours, which will only add to the impact of your floor. Ask your Epoxy Flooring Edmonton representative for samples of these coatings. Some of the benefits include:

  • The most durable floor coating available
  • Metallic epoxy coating looks ultra-professional
  • Metallic epoxy can be applied to mimic different types of surfaces such as moon craters, fire, marble, and much more, including 3D illusions
  • Covers any cement blemishes
  • Long-lasting


Commercial Floor Coatings

Garage Floor Treatment

Leaving a garage floor untreated can be a perilous proposition. Not only can bare concrete not repel contaminants, but cement also absorbs dust, liquids, and debris. In addition, when concrete is left untreated, it can have a rough texture that is uncomfortable to walk or drive on.

By contrast, when an epoxy coating is applied to a cement floor, it lifts it from the ordinary to a great space with a glossy and sparkling appeal. In addition, an epoxy coating will prevent liquid of any type from seeping through the pores of the concrete and creating irreversible and expensive problems. Garage floor coatings installed by Epoxy Flooring Edmonton, are practical and economical methods of updating and beautifying your floor.

Further benefits of epoxy coating garage floors include:

  • Durability
  • Mildew and mould resistance
  • Affordability, with costs ranging from $2 to $12 per square foot, depending on the surface chosen
  • Ornamental options available
  • Waterproof your garage floor

Why Choose Us For Your Garage Floor?

Nobody has the level of experience installing custom garage floor surfaces as does Epoxy Flooring Edmonton, Alberta. So doesn’t it make sense to keep your garage floor beautiful by using such a good product?

Shouldn’t your garage be a safe and welcoming place, just like the rest of your home? Just because you store your car and other belongings in your garage doesn’t mean it should be ugly. For more information, give Epoxy Flooring Edmonton, a call.

Epoxy Flooring Benefits

We have discovered that epoxy floors with flakes and metallic epoxy can be beautiful and durable. Commercial kitchen and food handling epoxy flooring are easy to clean and meets Canadian hygiene requirements. It has a safe, non-slip surface and is seamless. These epoxy floors withstand gasoline, vehicle traffic, lubricants, corrosive chemicals, and more. They resist heavy traffic in auto body shops, car showrooms, and where forklifts are in continuous use.

Epoxy Floors Meet Strict Hygiene Requirements

In food handling facilities, healthcare facilities, and service industries, cleanliness is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing the floor. Our USDA-approved epoxy flooring is a seamless installation that will not harbor bacteria, dirt, or other pathogens. These epoxy floor installations are easy to clean and sanitize.

Very Low Maintenance

Epoxy floors are not only durable but easy to clean. They save maintenance money by not requiring polishing or waxing. Epoxy flooring is easy to mop and sweep without being damaged by cleaning chemicals or abrasives.

Exceptional Wear and Chemical Resistance

Our epoxy floors look great when they are new and for years to come. Some floors show wear and tear within a short time. All industries and their facilities will benefit from a floor coating that lasts longer and retains its beauty. The experts install Epoxy floors at Edmonton Commercial Epoxy Flooring will withstand heavy loads, traffic, spills, harsh, abrasive chemicals, battery acid, gasoline, oil, and more. This means epoxy floors are a cost-effective, long-lasting solution to flooring needs.

Unlimited Color and Design Possibilities

Designers and architects can choose the color, pattern, and overall design of building floors to enhance their total building design. Building owners can use the assistance of company designers to select the perfect color and design of epoxy flooring to coordinate with their business decor and branding. Floors can make a long-lasting statement with color, effects, and patterns.
The building’s floor colors and design can change from floor to floor or room to room. The lobby can have the company logo featured in the floor. Other rooms can have branded colors in a flake pattern or with striping. The floor pattern can designate different footpaths, work areas, and vehicle traffic areas. Color and pattern choices are almost endless. Each customer pics the base color, flake color, density, and finish or custom pattern to meet their design needs.