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Epoxy Flooring Edmonton

For any commercial business or residential homeowner considering replacing or upgrading their current floor, look no further than choosing epoxy flooring. The benefits are numerous: it is affordable, looks great, is resistant to stains, cleans easily, and is incredibly smooth, durable, and long-lasting.

Deciding to go with it is just the first step, though; now you need to find a reliable flooring company that will fit both your budget and unique needs. If you’re in our area of Alberta, we are the premier choice for all your garage floor coating needs and has been serving the local Alberta community for over three decades. We offer comprehensive warranties on all of our products and a risk-free consultation for potential customers with no obligation required.


Why You Should Invest in

Concrete Coatings

Wondering what epoxy floor coating is, exactly? It consists of a two-part process that starts with mixing our specially-formulated resin with chemical hardener. The resulting mixture is then poured over concrete, eventually curing into an extremely hard and durable plastic material. Once the layers are finished curing, the final result gets polished and smoothed to a high-gloss shine.

Epoxy is a common choice for garage floors, factories, and other 
commercial or industrial applications. Even though the average person might not know exactly what it is, its affordable cost and durability are making it steadily grow in popularity. Another benefit of epoxy floor coatings is that it can be poured with different colors, materials, or design elements that will turn your floor into a veritable work of art. Many people are choosing it for a modern look and bold statement inside their homes.

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Epoxy Flooring Services

When you choose Edmonton Epoxy Flooring for your concrete sealing needs, you’re making a choice to invest in your home or business. Epoxy lasts so long that it will be the last flooring you will ever need to purchase! We don’t just offer floor coating services, though; we have other flooring services we offer as well.

Epoxy Flooring

Some of the residential epoxy flooring services that we provide include concrete coating solutions for your basement, garage, bathroom, kitchen, living room, or anywhere you want to have a beautiful, high-gloss floor!

Epoxy Flake Flooring

Not a fan of metallic? We have other flake colors and styles that will turn your floor into a one-of-a-kind design piece. Our flake epoxy flooring is also ideal for places like garages and basements, where you need to have a durable, stain-resistant, and easily cleanable surface. No more stained, ugly, and dusty cement, instead you will have a beautiful buffed and polished floor in any color combo you can dream up.

Metallic Epoxy Flooring

 With our metallic mica flakes, we can turn your new epoxy floor into a sun-catching, pearlescent floor that will look almost too gorgeous to walk on. It’s guaranteed to add a unique look to your home and become a conversation piece for every visitor.




Our flooring solutions are incredibly popular with commercial and industrial businesses. Whether it be a shopping center, medical facility, chemical factory, or automotive garage, our industrial finishes are built to last. Our highly specialized epoxy cures into a durable and stain-resistant material that requires virtually no maintenance and is resistant to everyday wear and tear.


Our floor coatings also performs exceptionally well in the harsh conditions that are so common in the industrial sector. All of coatings are highly customize-able and can be designed and poured to your exact requirements and specifications. It’s also very resistant to abuse and perfect for a work environment.


Have a concrete floor but aren’t ready for epoxy yet? We can help with that too. Cement floors are long-lasting, sure, but they aren’t invincible. If you have a concrete floor that needs repair, choose our specially formulated products to give your concrete a high-shine, stop it from dusting, and keep it resistant to stains and cracks. Our concrete coatings will give your floor a seamless look and make it a snap to clean, too.

Understanding The

Benefits of Concrete Resurfacing

We can also resurface your concrete floor or pool decks and fill in all the cracks while erasing years of built-up damage. If your surface is damaged and old, but your budget won’t allow replacing it entirely, give us a call and we will restore your cement back to its original condition. With our specialized resurfacing, sealing, and coating techniques, we can transform your dull concrete floor back to new again and into something you can be proud of. All of our coating products are perfect for garage floors, automotive shops, or anywhere you have an old concrete floor that needs repair.



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About Us

Our company has experience serving the community of Edmonton with quality concrete flooring services. We supply all of the community’s epoxy and concrete flooring needs, whether it be for home or business, and we do custom jobs, too. We also have dedicated and experienced professionals committed to customer service and getting the job done efficiently and correctly.

We offer a wide array of services, including commercial, industrial, and residential epoxy, concrete coating, repairing and resurfacing, and pool deck resurfacing, too.

Commercial Industrial Epoxy Flooring
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Concrete Sealing

Our epoxy floors are a perfect solution for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Epoxy is an incredibly durable and long-lasting material available in a wide selection of colors, designs and finishes to give you the polished concrete appearance that will make your home or business look great. Also, all of our products are warrantied and can be customized to fit your unique needs. We have a broad base of satisfied customers who can vouch for our exceptional customer service and the talented experts we employ. When you choose us, you aren’t just getting a new floor, but becoming part our family. Give us a call today for your risk-free consultation!